Electronic Brake Controller

  • What is an Electronic Brake Controller?

    An Electronic Brake Controller is a device that is connected inside the tow vehicle (your truck or SUV). When the vehicle's brakes are applied, the device communicates to your trailer the necessary amount to apply the trailer brakes. All of our trailers are equipped with electric trailer brakes. However, they are not activated unless your tow vehicle is equipped with an Electronic Brake Controller. Check your vehicle's owner manual or call your dealer to determine if your vehicle is equipped.

  • Why is an Electronic Brake Controller required to rent your trailers?

    Tennessee Code § 55-9-204 states that any trailer with a gross weight of 3,000 lbs. or more must be equipped with brakes, and those brakes must be able to be applied by the driver of the tow vehicle from the cab.

  • What happens if I arrive to pick up the trailer and I don't have a Brake Controller?

    Quite plainly, we will not be able to release the trailer to you. You must have an operational trailer brake controller in order to tow our trailers. It's the law.

  • Where can I get an Electronic Brake Controller installed?

    Several mechanics, as well as your dealer, can install an Electronic Brake Controller for you. Give us a call, we can make recommendations. Additionally, you can purchase a DIY wireless unit that utilizes your smartphone by clicking here.

Travel Trailers

Utility Trailers


  • Is insurance required for my rental?

    Yes, insurance is required for the entire duration of the rental. The insurance line item will be added to your quote. Request a quote or Contact us for more information.

  • Is smoking permitted in or around your equipment?

    Quite simply, no. If smoke is detected in or around the equipment upon return, a cost will be incurred which includes, but is not limited to, the entire security deposit. Renters are fully responsible for any damage caused to our equipment by any person. Additionally, if a travel trailer is parked near a campfire, all windows and doors must remain closed to prevent smoke damage to the interior.

  • Is a security deposit mandatory?

    Yes, a REFUNDABLE security deposit is required at least two (2) days before departure or delivery. The security deposit amount can be found on your quote prior to renting. The security deposit will be refunded within seven (7) days of return of equipment if no damages have been found and all balances are paid.

  • Do you sell my information?

    We take privacy very seriously. We will never sell your information and all of our data is stored on off-site servers with 256-bit SSL encryption certificated by GEOTRUST.

  • What is the minimum age requirements for renting?

    The minimum age to rent is 25 years old. Sorry, no exceptions.


  • Will you transport for me?

    Unfortunately, we are no longer able to transport our travel trailers to your campsite or location. However, upon pickup, we provide a full overview of the travel trailer including a demonstration of how to hitch and dehitch the trailer for towing and parking. We make it easy!

  • Can I transport a travel trailer with my own vehicle?

    Yes, your vehicle must be specified from the manufacturer to be capable of towing the dry and/or empty weight of our travel trailers. You can find the dry and/or empty weight of each trailer in Our Rentals. Check your vehicle’s owner manual or call your dealership to find out the towing capabilities of your vehicle.

  • Do I need any special equipment for towing a camper?

    Yes, you will need a Weight Distribution/Anti-Sway Hitch to be attached to your vehicle when towing our campers. This is for your safety and the safety of others. We have these available for rent for $25.00 for the entire rental period, and they take 30 seconds to install.

    Also, Tennessee State law requires an operational Electronic Brake Controller installed on the tow vehicle since our trailers weigh over 1500 lbs. We can give you some suggestions on where you can get this professionally installed on your vehicle.

  • What size ball mount do I need for your trailers?

    If your vehicle is capable of safely towing our equipment: Most of our equipment utilizes a 2 5/16-inch ball mount. However, certain units require a 2-inch ball mount. We require you to secure our equipment with a trailer coupler lock when not hitched to your vehicle.